In this section of our website, the latest developments regarding Pelops Villa Siga Siga are mentioned. The website has been updated last on march 31th 2012.

Beta Release:
The information provided on this website must be regarded as provisional, and will be constantly updated. Therefore no rights can be derived from its contents. If you encounter any facts that are incorrect, despite the high degree of care that we have taken regarding the content of this website, we would like to urge you to contact us. We would like to thank you in advance.


May 2012.

May 02: website updated.


December 2011

December 02: our website will soon also be available in the German and English language. A link is to be established between the webpages of Pelops Villa Siga Siga and the website of Homeaway.

November 2011

November 11: the rental rate for 2012 has been established. New photographs have been added.

October 2011

October 05: The furnishings of the Villa have been finalized in the last four weeks. 8 people will now be able to spend their holidays in comfort at our Villa. We intend to make the Villa friendlier to young children.

June 2011

June 11: Beta release of our website. The layout needs to be adapted and more information needs to be provided about the Villa, the surroundings and so on.

June 10: available for rent out until September 04.

June 01: the Villa has been furnished and is available for rent for up to 6 persons. Bedroom 4 on the first floor is not yet fully equipped. Facilities for young children are not available yet.

May 2011

May 26: almost finished furnishing the Villa ...

May 02: the Villa will be furnished during our (work) holiday, all items are to be unpacked and installed.


April 2011

April 29: On the road in southern Germany (Nesselwang, near the Austrian border) with a fully packed Ford Transit stuffed with furniture (beds, matrasses), kitchen appliances, linen and so forth ....

On the road

January 2011

January 20: the Villa and everything that comes with it has come into our possession.